Links (and Thoughts) on Asian-America

The Economist just released an article on Asian-America and its increasingly restive politics, with a focus on education discrimination at the higher levels of higher education.

I don’t think its a great overview of Asian-America, however, especially when compared with, say, this lengthy essay from Jacobin Magazine that takes a more historical and class-based perspective, and a more rigorous look at the way racialization happens in the United States.  The class perspective is especially important, given that issues like gentrification, wage theft, sweatshop conditions, and general forms of labor exploitation seem to be routinely sidelined by the upwardly mobile and well-educated Asian-American mainstream.

The issue of class becomes even more important when you analyze the racialized and subordinate position of the Asian worker in global capitalism, where they must routinely deal with high levels of violence, whether it comes from their working conditions or the state.  And all this, even while Asian bourgeoisie are become the new bosses of workers in the West in the United States and the United Kingdom.

And on top of all that, there is the conspicuous absence of truly radical anarchist, communist and/or anti-imperialist Asian organizations in the United States that can claim to be the spiritual successors to groups like the Ghadr Party, the Red Guard Party, or I Wor Kuen.

Anyways, all of this is an impetus for me and other radical Asians to do a better job of analyzing the present situation and presenting a properly radical and progressive way forward.


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