Communist propaganda flier in Saudi Arabia, circa 1954

From page 156-7 from America’s Kingdom: Mythmaking on the Saudi Oil Frontier (2006): 

In August [1954], the U.S. embassy reported that copies of a one-page leaflet printed in Arabic and headed with a hammer and sickle were found in al-Khobar, scattered on the streets.  It was not clear who was producing or distributing them.  It contained the harshest criticism of the royal family ever seen, the embassy said.

The reproduced contents of the translated flier:

Certainly the King and the royal family have died after the people killed them because of their joint actions with the foreign imperialists.  Certainly the people killed them because they were reactionaries and corrupt and exploited the workers terribly.  The days of the Cadillac and the palaces are finished to give way to popular democracy for the workers.

O workers!

Get rid of the American pigs and seize the profitable oil company.

O people

You have nothing to do but follow your sincere leaders who seek your welfare and who will reveal their faces to the public.

O Arabs

Unite because the Arab Peninsula is for the Arabs.

Pretty hardcore to call for the people to kill off the House of Saud.  Although I’m not sure how to square that with the line about doing nothing except “follow your sincere leaders”.  Maybe something was lost in translation…


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