“Seize the Land, Serve the People”

I’ve finished an essay I’ve been working on intermittently for the past year or so, titled Seize the Land, Serve the People: Prospects for Revolutionary Struggle Around Affordable Housing.  Its intended as the third essay in a series on revolutionary communist strategy, the first of which is Biopolitics, Dual Power, and the Revolutionary Characteristics of “Serve the People” Programs, and second of which is The Political Economy of Revolutionary Struggle: Lessons from the Black Panthers .  The general thrust of this series is to think about revolutionary movements from a properly Marxist perspective that analyzes how movements intervene at the material level of society–that is, how they directly affect political economy and class power.  This is opposed to standard liberal theories of change, that focus at the level of discourse and debate (i.e. “raising awareness”).

Seize the Land, Serve the People looks specifically at the issue of affordable housing in the United States, and the parallels between housing inequality in urban areas and land inequality in rural agrarian areas of the Global South, and the revolutionary dynamics that can emerge from directly challenging and undermining landlord property rights.


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