Ongoing resistance to US security forces

Charlotte, North Caroline got super rowdy last night after the police killed Keith Lamont Scott, who allegedly had a gun (in an open-carry state), during a security sweep for another man.  Angry locals took to the streets and clashed with cops, smashed up police cars, blocked the local interstate and looted several trucks.  That latter point is especially interesting, and is an escalation over the standard tactic of simple blockades; its perhaps a good time to check out Viewpoint Magazine’s recent symposium on Joshua Clover’s recent book on riots and the circulatory systems of modern capitalism.

Its worth noting that the riots in Charlotte come a couple of days after an unarmed black man was killed by police after his car broke down in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Tulsa, of course, was the site of the infamous 1921 Tulsa race riot, when the wealthiest black neighborhood in the country was burned and bombed by a racist white mob, with hundreds dead and thousands injured.

Meanwhile, the largest prison strike in US history is continuing into its second week.  It seems to have tapered off some since last week, when some 24,000 prisoners across 29 prisons missed work, but unrest appears to be ongoing at some 20 prisons.  Holman Prision, in Alabama, seems to be an epicenter of unrest; one correctional officer was stabbed and killed last week, and according to the Free Alabama Movement, numerous other officers are now themselves dissenting against the administration and expressing support for dissidence.

In other news, around 500 people gathered in Oakland, California this past weekend for a conference held by and for those who have directly experienced the USA’s systems of mass incarceration.


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